As it is possible to make up nails beautifully

As it is possible to make up nails beautifully

It is possible to make beautiful manicure and independently in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare all necessary materials and tools. It is a little practice and independently executed manicure will not be worse professional.

It is required to you

  • - varnish basis;
  • - color varnishes;
  • - needles, brushes of different thickness or helium handles;
  • - rhinestones;
  • - spangles;
  • - color sand;
  • - varnish fixer.


1. Pick up colors of means for coloring of nails. Bright varnishes will be suitable for the contrast image, for daily style take quieter colors. Now you need to choose the tool by means of which you also will apply drawings on nails. It can be brush, needle, the helium handle or toothpick.

2. Patterns are removed by needle on liquid varnish. Take tools of different thickness. The needle will be suitable for small details more thinly, and for large – with thick tip. Apply the main varnish on nail, do not wait when it dries. From above drip means of other color. Quickly begin to remove patterns, do not tear off needle from nail, your movements have to be lungs.

3. Try to finish the drawing before varnish dries. When the image is ready, let's it dry out. That varnish kept as long as possible, cover ornament from above with fixer. This means needs to be used always after end of manicure.

4. Brush the procedure of drawing the drawing is performed a little in a different way. Paint nails with the main varnish, wait for its drying-out. Means will be suitable for drawing only saturated color and rather thin. It it has to be well visible not to draw the same line several times. For contours of the image take thin brush, and outlines and spangles put with wider brush. To mix colors, draw on not dried up varnish.

5. It is very convenient to carry out the drawing helium handles. Choose tools with metal gloss - such gel more dense that considerably will facilitate work. Paint nails with varnish basis and leave it to dry. Now you can remove the necessary patterns, wait until gel completely dries.

6. Nails with microspangles or color sand will beautifully be overcome. Apply the main varnish, do not wait for its drying. Wet brush or needle in water and lower in jar with color sand. Apply the stuck balls on not dried varnish. Just strew microspangles on nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team