As it is possible to pin up hair beautifully

As it is possible to pin up hair beautifully

In life there are such situations when flowing hair is not too appropriate. Sometimes the situation demands more strict hairstyle. Therefore there are many options beautifully to pin up hair. Skillfully executed hairstyle in the form of collected in shell or bunch of hair will look not less beautifully.


  1. If you are owner of long hair, you need to have small certain stock of accessories for creation of the most various hairstyles. By all means to be necessary for you the hairpin for every day and more elegant option, the so-called evening hairpin decorated with draperies from fabrics, nacre or rhinestones. Available there have to be also various hairpins, invisible hairpins, crests. Having such simple arsenal, you will be able to pin up your hair in the most various ways, for all occasions.
  2. It is possible to pin up long hair in the following way: well wash up and dry up them. Then, for giving to hairstyle of some splendor, wind direct locks on large hair curlers. Slightly comb curls hairbrush with rare teeth and twist hair in not too hard plait. At the same time sprain the ends inside. Fix plait by flat hairpin and sprinkle your hairstyle spray or varnish of weak fixing.
  3. Try also other, not less interesting option of laying. Twist hair in bunch and pin hairpin so that the ends of locks freely hanged down over it. Such hairstyle will be well in harmony with casual clothes.
  4. For more official situations pin up hair in classical bunch. In the beginning carefully comb them and apply on all length mousse in order that locks were more smooth and obedient. Now tie hair by thin elastic band on nape, turn off tail into bunch, having fixed it by imperceptible hairpins. You can decorate such hairstyle with the openwork, connected by hook grid or decorative hairpins.
  5. If you need to do hair for any celebration, try such option: slightly comb hair, having smoothed then their hairbrush. Throw locks on one party, having recorded their row invisible beings. From the opposite side carefully smooth hair and, holding them with fingers, twist in roll. When forming fix fold by hairpins, pinning them at an angle to the head, for the best fixing. Accurately comb forehead hair on one party. Sprinkle ready hairstyle varnish.
  6. Irreplaceable instant laying accessory is the large hairpin in the form of bow from velvet or silk with sack from grid. For creation of hairstyle just collect hair in bunch on nape, chips by their such hairpin. Take away tail in grid. Such option perfectly will approach both jeans, and evening dress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team