As it is possible to remove tattoos

As it is possible to remove tattoos

Sometimes, that once and forever the made tattoo begins to prevent private life, the career, at last, just likes to be pleasant. It is much more reasons to remove tattoo, than the reasons to put it. But how to make it?


  1. There are several methods of removal of old drawings on skin. Some of them are known for a long time, and they cannot be carried to humane in any way: burning out, cutting of the upper site of skin together with tattoo, chemical data, for example, by means of liquid nitrogen. Any of these methods leads to painful feelings, and on the place of tattoo forever there is scar or hem.
  2. In professional tattoos salons and cosmetology clinics to you can suggest to remove tattoo with use of the laser. The meaning of method is that the laser pointwise influences pigment under skin, destroying parts of paint and not touching healthy cells of epidermis. Unfortunately, the humanity of the procedure does not yield 100% of guarantee of result, besides the laser does not remove tattoo for once - the full course lasts about two months. Undoubted plus is the painlessness of the procedure, besides this method will not leave frightening scars.
  3. If tattoo small and pale, it is possible to use the masking methods. In tattoo salon can put to you over old tattoo new, brighter. This option approaches when the first tattoo has been executed poor or it has just ceased to be pleasant. Besides, it is possible to disguise old tattoo under skin color, but, naturally, the similarity will be incomplete, and after suntan the painted-over site of skin will be allocated. This service is also available in salons of tattoo.
  4. Data of tattoo spirit solution of iodine or potassium permanganate in house conditions - ways which can be found in the Internet often. Their essence comes down to the fact that active chemical you actually create open wound on the place of tattoo, burning out upper layer of integument. Of course, both iodine and potassium permanganate belong to antiseptic agents, but without observation of the doctor risk to bring infection is all the same very big especially as the procedure is not single. But even if you will be lucky, and infection does not happen, as a result most likely all the same there will be scar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team