As it is possible to return the weight

As it is possible to return the weight

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dream to return the former weight after the delivery or after have recovered or have lost weight by several kilograms. It is possible to return to ideal weight without harm for health, following the basic rules which will help to activate metabolism and to come quickly to former form.


  1. Observe day regimen. It means, it is necessary to rise, lay down, eat food at the same time. Because the metabolism becomes active only at strict observance of day regimen. That is why many nutritionists recommend to the patients to pay attention to this aspect first of all.
  2. Refuse the hard liquors containing caffeine. In spite of the fact that caffeine promotes loss of appetite and activates exchange processes, in 30 minutes after cup of coffee there is active production of gastric juice and you want to have breakfast densely. That is why in all recommendations the nutritionists advise to refuse kofeinsoderzhashchy products and to replace them with the diluted juice.
  3. Eat fractionally and often. Not to hunger during weight loss eat each two-three hours in very small portions. Ideal option if your diet is separate, and on one meal you will use monoproducts.
  4. Move more. Now there is no more original method to burn the excess number of calories, than to make during the day much more movements. You can just go much, but at the same time follow the rule of rather intensive speed. Slow walking does not activate exchange processes in organism, and cannot serve in the effective way to return the former weight.
  5. Be always in good mood. It is impossible to return former weight and to keep shape without motivation. Think up to yourself work to liking which completely will capture you. Then you for certain will forget about unplanned having a snack, with pleasure will get up even at five o'clock in the morning. Excellent mood and working capacity during the day to you it is guaranteed.

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