As it is possible to style hair beautifully

As it is possible to style hair beautifully

The woman with beautifully styled hair attracts attention, irrespective of, long they or short, direct and whether curling. It is possible to make laying independently.


  1. Long straight lines to volosyvymoyta hair, dry towel and apply on them means for laying. Comb out locks to the top, then displace the formed bunch to the left or to the right to ear and fix it. Divide hair in bunch into three parts and braid braid. Lay it opposite to the basis of bunch and fix so that locks of the end of braid remained free. By means of the curling iron twirl them in curls. Fix hairstyle by varnish, decorate with hairpin.
  2. Comb hair and collect them in tail a little below than the top. Twirl hair in the tail in plait, lay out clockwise in spiral node. Through the center of node one hand pull out the remained tail, another support node. Fix beautiful sticks hairpins in the turned-out node.
  3. Long curling to volosypridayta to hair form by means of skin or mousse that curls were accurater, tighten up them the curling iron. Divide hair into parting in the middle and fix by invisible beings. It is possible to put on rim moist hair, in this case on the top they will be straight lines, and tips will beautifully curl.
  4. Short you volosynanesit skin on moist hair, then dry up their phenom, extending locks round hairbrush. For volume hairstyle of lock you hold at an angle 90 degrees concerning the head or direct hot air to roots. Then pound small amount of wax in palms and magnificently shake up nape and temples hair. If you do not like volume laying, extend locks under the maximum inclination, the hairstyle will turn out smooth.
  5. The curling short hair can be styled slightly carelessly. The disorder from curlies will look very fervently and cheerfully. For this purpose it is necessary to dry slightly washed-up hair and to apply on them a little gel, then lay locks hands.
  6. Style fine and rare short hair as follows. Slightly comb on nape, apply on them a little spray. Wind lock on large hair curlers. In the same way process bang and locks on each side, using hair curlers of the smaller size. Dry hair phenom, remove hair curlers and create hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team