As it is possible to take away bang

As it is possible to take away bang

The same type of bang bores and there is a wish to bring variety own hairstyle, without doing in it cardinal changes at the hairdresser. There are many options as it is possible to take away stylish bang, without cutting it scissors.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, hair gel, hairspray, skin or mousse for fixing of hairstyle, clips, invisible beings, rim, crest, tapes or summer scarf, scarf.


  1. The easiest way to take away both long, and short bangs - to pin up invisible clip sideways, having turned lock far on the left or to the right of the center of forehead. Braid braid from bang, having fixed elastic on its end and having hidden under curls of hair. Weaving can be at the same time various – the French braid, fish tail, cone and others.
  2. Raise bang upward, having carefully combed its simple hairbrush, record hairpin clip above. At the same time be looked in mirror what option will suit you more – to make bang smooth or slightly it is necessary to raise it forehead.
  3. Comb thick and long bangs, sprinkle it is slightly delicious, turn on the top of the head, record clip. Other hair can how to fall the direct locks well wound by wavy curls.
  4. Lay bang without uniform hairpin, but with use of styling mousse. For this purpose there is a little skin or mousse apply on bang, comb it hairbrush on the party or smooth lay upward.
  5. In retro style the bang can be made as follows. Make on it by means of the iron wave. Lay bang aside, fix on the head by the invisible being. Other hair in such hairstyle have to be smooth, removed back by means of gel.
  6. Use rim, crest to decorate bang and to raise it upward. Try bang to wind strongly on the curling iron. If it long, then let wavy lock falls along the person. It will give to image romanticism, lightness. If short or average length, it can be recorded beautiful hairpin around temple.
  7. Make asymmetry fashionable today around bang. It suits at any face type to all girls. For this purpose comb bang on one side, without deleting it far aside, and leaving lying on forehead. Sprinkle it varnish or use gel for fixing, you can pin up it the invisible being.
  8. Divide hair around bang into two equal half. Record small locks bang on both sides of the person by means of tiny butterflies clips. The bothered bang lost look can be hidden under elegant tape, light summer scarf, scarf, having tied up them under hair around neck.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team