As it is possible to use lemon for skin

As it is possible to use lemon for skin

Folk remedies on skin care win the increasing popularity among women. Lemon – the excellent cleaning means which is used for preparation of house masks and lotions. Means with lemon perfectly tone up and refresh face skin.

Peeling of face lemon

Lemon peeling of face – great way to make skin younger and attractive. The secret of such "magic" action consists in structure of this yellow fruit:

  • fruit acids;
  • pectins (heal damages and remove inflammations);
  • carotene (promotes cell renewal);
  • phytoncides (antioxidants);
  • thiamin;
  • Riboflavinum;
  • ascorbic acid (normalizes production of elastin and collagen).

The lemon peeling can be used for any type of skin and the only direct contraindication is the individual intolerance of citrus. However owners of dry and sensitive skin should be careful and to watch condition of integument.

Recipes of lemon peelingThe, probably, simplest recipe of lemon peeling – to mix couple of teaspoons of sugar with lemon juice to smetanoobrazny state and after full dissolution of sugar to put on face. Wash away structure cool water and grease face with the moisturizing cream.

Not less simple recipe – lemon dried peel with olive oil. Crush dried peel from two lemons in the blender and mix with tablespoon of olive oil. It is possible to use not only olive oil – here you can experiment, having studied properties of vegetable oils and to choose for itself the most suitable.

Butter for the person with lemon

The excellent mask film can turn out if you mix egg white with several drops of lemon juice. Such mask can be put on face several layers. In this case It should be noted only one – it is possible to put the following layer only after previous dries. This mask will perfectly clean pores and will narrow them.

For normal skin it is possible to use such recipe – mix juice of one lemon with two tablespoons of honey, carefully mix, apply on napkin and put it on the person on quarter of hour, then remove, and accurately remove the mask remains with warm water.

Finally It should be noted that house means with lemon not only will help you to get rid of pimples, but also promote disposal of hems that is also important.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team