As it is safe to remove birthmark

As it is safe to remove birthmark

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The birthmark is congestion of the cages producing melanin. Usually they appear on the child's body at the age of 2-4 years, and by 10 years get the final building. Birthmarks do not change with age, but sometimes very much disturb, and in such cases they can be removed.

The pigmental nevus is benign tumor which all people have almost on the planet. Can be flat, and sometimes and acting. The sizes vary from one millimeter to dozens of centimeters. It is important that it was uniform color, with smooth edges and without changes in surface. If the birthmark changes, then it is necessary to go urgently to the doctor.

The person with abundance of birthmarks is not recommended to be much in the sun. Influence of ultraviolet can affect cages, change them. Birthmarks can be knocked over, or to scratch, and it causes inconvenience. Also some arise in those places where the clothes densely adjoin to skin, and it is unpleasant too.

Cases when the usual birthmark developed into melanoma are known - it is malignant tumor which very quickly gives metastases. It is difficult to cure it, and in the started state it can lead to lethal outcome. For this reason any changes of birthmarks need to be shown to the doctor. The dermatologist or the oncologist will manage to estimate danger in advance and will recommend whether it is necessary to delete nevus.

If you have decided that the birthmark disturbs, it can be removed. It is the simple procedure, but it is important to consult surely with the expert. It is important to understand whether there is no damage of skin any more, and also to choose method which will be optimum for release from speck. By means of the laser it is possible to remove birthmark for only a few seconds. At the same time vessels trombirutsya, blood loss is respectively very low. There are no painful feelings, and also scars. There can be only very insignificant mark. Delete birthmarks with liquid nitrogen. This freezing of fabric, but not all doctors claim that it is safe. Here it is important to go to the expert that he correctly observed proportions. Traces also almost do not happen. Electrothermic coagulation is influence by current on fabric around nevus. At the same time there is heating. Before the procedure sometimes do local anesthesia. Traces remain, but they it is no more, than birthmark. Until recently it was the most popular way to remove birthmark. And still there is surgical excision when the doctor just cuts off benign tumor together with skin pieces. This process is done under local anesthesia. Healing is quite long.

After the birthmark was removed, it is necessary to watch surface. The first two weeks process the place sanitizer. Hydrogen peroxide, Miramistin or other medicines will approach. At the same time it is necessary to avoid direct sunshine. At suntan cover the place of removal that there were no complications. In 3-4 months even if everything is all right, see doctor. Let the doctor will estimate correctness of hem, will look whether there are no changes. Prevention will allow to prevent negative consequences.

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