As it is safe to sunbathe in sunbed

As it is safe to sunbathe in sunbed

receive chocolate and seductive suntan, it is not obligatory to carry out till several hours in the exhausting sun at all. It is enough to visit several sessions of sunbed only. Thus you will be able to achieve bronze shade of skin at all seasons of the year. But before it it is necessary to study rules of visit of sunbed that the procedure of suntan has taken place safely.

It is required to you

  • - Cream for suntan in sunbed;
  • - cotton hat;
  • - points.


  1. Before visit of sunbed it is necessary to consult with the attending physician as at some diseases the procedure of suntan can be hazardous to health (hypertension, tuberculosis, dermatitis, liver diseases). Experts do not recommend to take similar ultra-violet baths during pregnancy, when feeding by breast, in critical days. Suntan can unevenly lay down at hormonal failures in organism. Suntan is harmful at intake of some medicamentous medicines, many drugs provoke allergic reaction to ultraviolet.
  2. It is not necessary to take before the procedure of suntan shower with soap use. Detergent dissolves fat film on skin, as a result you overdry skin or burn. For the same reason it is not recommended to do epilation before sunbed. That suntan has turned out equal in sunbed, use the special cosmetics intended for these purposes (means from solar suntan do not approach). According to type of skin apply protective cream to skin, and after suntan apply the moistening means.
  3. In each salon quantity of lamps and their power different. Therefore it is better to consult to the administrator how many it is better for you to sunbathe. The expert will choose for you optimum time of suntan and its intensity (a lot of things also depend on skin type). The first session has to last no more than five minutes, the subsequent sessions gradually increase up to fifteen minutes.
  4. Take off all jewelry. It is impossible to use cosmetics, deodorants, aromatic oils, nutritious creams and perfume at visit of sunbed. Results at their heating can be unpredictable. Protect during suntan of eye, having put on special dark glasses. Surely remove contact lenses if they are available for you, otherwise eyes can do much harm. Ultraviolet rays destroy and dry structure of hair, they become fragile and dim. Therefore always protect them by means of cotton hat. It is not recommended to sunbathe with open breast (especially after thirty years), put on cotton bra.
  5. If on body there are tattoos, then it is better to cover them before suntan. Some dyes can cause allergy at radiation or grow dull. During suntan your organism spends a lot of energy as ultraviolet rays accelerate metabolism. Therefore it is the best of all to relax, have a rest, suck in after sunbed cup of green tea or vitamin drink, limit physical activity. Also you remember that skin after suntan needs moistening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team