As it is the best of all to shave legs

As it is the best of all to shave legs

The fastest and painless way to get rid of excess vegetation standing - shaving. That the procedure has taken place ideally, choose the good razor and gel, prepare skin and you do not hurry. So you will manage to avoid unpleasant consequences of shaving - possible cuts, irritations and the grown hair.

What is necessary for shaving

Careful removal of hair requires the good safety razor. You can use the machine with replaceable cartridges or choose disposable option. You watch that edges were fine, it will allow to depilate quickly and to avoid irritation of skin. The best option - modern machines with three or even five edges, one movement the unnecessary hairs removing everything. Do not shave legs with dull edges. Change cartridges through several procedures and do not wipe edge after shaving - enough only to rinse them.

Buy foam or shaving gel. Does not matter whether there will be it special means for women or for men. Some girls consider that men's cosmetics for shaving influences skin more carefully, it is intended for the person. Try means with addition of extract of aloe and vitamin E which help to save skin from irritations.

The make-up bag can be filled up with the calming after shave balm. Also the creams which are slowing down growth of hair will approach. They remove irritation and legs more rare allow to shave. You keep for disinfection of accidental wounds in readiness peroxide of hydrogen or kroveostanavlivayushchy pencil.

Shaving subtleties

That after shaving hairs did not grow into skin, well process shins rigid bast and srub. Use srub on the basis of polymeric particles or sugar - salt can injure skin and cause her irritation. Apply foam or shaving gel on legs. If you do not have neither that, nor another, use hair conditioner - the razor will easily slide, and will be depilated accurately. Begin shaving with ankles, gradually moving ahead to knees. Conduct the razor against growth of hair, the short sliding movements. Especially carefully act near joints - here especially often there are cuts. If it has occurred, stop the bleeding hydrogen peroxide. Having processed front part of shins, walk the safety razor on area of calves. Pay attention and to single hairs on stupnyakh and toes. Constantly wash away hairs from edges and from time to time you apply small portions of gel or skin to skin. Having finished, carefully rinse legs and blot them with soft towel. Do not rub skin not to cause her irritation. Apply the moisturizing balm or the means which is slowing down growth of hair on dry legs. At once after shaving it is impossible to use autosuntan and also to apply alcohol-containing liquids to skin.

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