As it is the best of all to sunbathe

As it is the best of all to sunbathe

of sunshine can lead to burns, thermal and to sunstroke. Besides, doctors consider that suntan can provoke cancer diseases and early aging of skin. Therefore to minimize harm from suntan, it is necessary to know how it is correct to sunbathe.


  1. Increase time of suntan gradually, taking into account the individual shipping of sunshine. Begin to sunbathe from 5–10 minutes in the open sun, then have a rest in tenka. Thus you receive beautiful and equal suntan.
  2. Apply the sunblock creams containing high quantity of the SPF and/or UVA components which prevent impact of ultra-violet radiation on skin. The numerical indicator of SPF and/or UVA is higher, the more reliable you will be protected from burns.
  3. Before suntan do not use creams on the basis of vaseline, glycerin and other mineral fats, essential oils, spirits, toilet water at all.
  4. To avoid peeling and oblezaniye of skin, sunbathe during low solar activity, namely: till 11:00 and after 16:00 hours. Do not sunbathe during 12.00-15.00 hours.
  5. Having overheated on sand, be not dipped in cold water, at first cool down in shadow a little. After bathing be surely rubbed off by towel as droplets of water focus sunlight as lenses, and it can lead to burns.
  6. At stay right in the sun put on hat or hat to be protected from overheating. Use sunglasses. Do not read the book on the beach, ultraviolet rays have negative impact on sight.
  7. Do not sunbathe on an empty stomach or right after nourishing food. Start process of suntan in 1-1.5 hours after meal. Satisfy thirst with sourish drinks, for example water with lemon. Do not drink strongly cold drinks, otherwise you risk to get sick. And do not take alcoholic beverages during suntan at all.
  8. The dream on the beach can lead to burns of skin and sunstroke. Therefore if you like to sleep in the fresh air, let somebody who will wake you or will turn on other side will be near.
  9. Do not forget that long stay in the sun negatively influences condition of skin, reduces its protective properties, elasticity and smoothness, worsens appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team