As mint is used in cosmetology

As mint is used in cosmetology

refreshing mint - the real rescue during summer heat. Since ancient times it was appreciated not only as herb, but also as irreplaceable component of various cosmetics.

From leaves of mint extract valuable essential oil which main operating component - menthol. Menthol is capable to stimulate blood circulation, to remove toxins, to normalize work of sebaceous glands, to cool, refresh, calm and dry skin. Besides menthol, mint contains organic acids and tannins, ascorbic acid and carotene, flavonoids and microelements. Essential oil of mint - well of useful properties. If to mix it with oil basis in small proportions - it affects skin calming, narrows capillaries, removes inflammations and irritations. If to add slightly more mint - strengthens blood inflow, warms skin and causes flush. Besides, oil stimulates blood supply of roots of hair and effectively kills headache.

Extract of mint or its essential oil add to tonic lotions, to antiacne cosmetics, to means for removal of fatigue and weight in legs, to shampoos for oily skin of the head and against dandruff and also to the anti-cellulite and tightening body creams.

Try to make anti-cellulite wrapping with mint in house conditions! Part apple cider vinegar with water in equal proportions and add 5 drops of oil of mint. You will be able in mix fine fabric or gauze bandage and wrap problem zones. From above wind with food wrap and leave for one or one and a half hours.  

Also several drops of oil can be added for strengthening of effect to wrappings on basis kosmeticheskly clay. 

Essential oil possesses the expressed antiseptic and wound healing action. Thanks to it, oil of mint is effective at treatment of acne rash and various skin diseases.

The easiest way to fight against oily, porous and pimpled skin: it is simple to make mint leaves boiled water, to allow to infuse about 20 minutes and to filter. Then to put leaves to the cleaned face skin for 20 minutes. It is recommended to apply 3 times a week. In month you do not recognize yourself!

Besides, it neutralizes discomfort at eczemas and fungus, and the aroma of mint improves mental activity and increases mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team