As most to pull out eyebrows

As most to pull out eyebrows

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The beautiful and accurate shape of eyebrows is capable to give to the face well-groomed look, and to look expressiveness. It is possible to perform this procedure, of course, having registered in salon, however, having mastered it once, you will be always and everywhere are capable to support eyebrows in perfect tune.


Before the procedure it is necessary to decide on shape of eyebrows. It is for this purpose better to consult to the makeup artist if there is no such opportunity, use the general recommendations. The shape of eyebrows in many respects depends on face form: the raised eyebrows with the rounded edges are suitable for round if the person square, then is better to stop on the extended forms, straight lines will help to expand longish face, and arc-shaped eyebrows are ideal for the correct oval.

After you have decided on form, prepare all necessary tools and means. Treat them tweezers, cuticle scissors, disinfecting lotion and mirror (it is desirable big as, looking in it, it is easier to make sure of symmetry of eyebrows and their compliance to face form). Many women use cream for softening of skin, but in practice it often complicates plucking out of hairs as the tweezers slide off them.

Plucking out process

Comb hairs special brush for eyebrows or properly the washed-out brush from under ink in the direction up. Cut scissors all long hairs and again brush brows from nose bridge to temples. Note points of the beginning and the termination of eyebrow. For this purpose apply pencil or brush to the person so that it concerned corner of lips and wing of nose. The point in which the pencil (brush) will be crossed with eyebrow and will be point of its beginning, everything that closer to nose bridge needs to be pulled out. The termination of eyebrow is in the same way, only the pencil is put to corner of lips and external corner of eye. Still it is possible to define upper point of arch if you have chosen this form. It will pass through corner of lips and outer edge of pupil. Begin to pull out hairs on one. So you will manage to avoid excessive irritation of skin and to reduce painful feelings. Take hair closer to root and the sharp movement pull in the direction of growth of hair. Never pull out hairs against their growth — it will lead to growing. Having pulled out several hairs on the one hand, repeat the procedure with another: it is so easier to maintain symmetry and to control width of eyebrows. Remember that too thin eyebrows create the artificial, eternally surprised look. After you have created ideal shape of eyebrows, disinfect the processed leather and tweezers. It is possible to put cold compress from camomile broth for several minutes to remove reddening. After performance of these steps you will need only to pull out the growing hairs from time to time to maintain the achieved result.

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