As nails correctly have to look in the fall

As nails correctly have to look in the fall

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For a long time each girl knows that to look well-groomed and it is beautiful, it is worth to remember about manicure. But very often there is a wish that manicure was not only beautiful, but also fashionable. For this reason it is worth understanding and what manicure is relevant today.

First of all by all means it is worth dealing with length of nails. Here everything is quite simple: nails have to be or short, or have average length.

Now everything, as for shape of nails. It is not necessary to remember sharp or rectangular nails, it is necessary to give preference to natural shape of nails. That is, when manicure becomes, it is necessary to give to nails the form of semicircle or oval.

What happens to color scale in this season? This fall and it is necessary to choose either bright colors, or quiet pastel shades this flying. Of course, it is necessary to forget about dark colors of varnish as they are more relevant to fall. Also incredibly fashionable is combination of several shades of varnish in one manicure, especially if this combination assumes availability of bright and quieter colors.

In this season it is very relevant to use quiet shades as base for manicure, and over this base to put interesting patterns or original drawings.

This fall to the peak of demand there is again the French manicure which can be executed not in ordinary option. That is for such manicure it is possible to use not only white and beige varnish, but also any other color and shade.

Also incredibly fashionably in this season to combine elements of lunar and French manicure.

Relevant manicure can not always be beautiful. That is what fashionable manicure if it is made not accurately would not seem, it will not be beautiful. What is meant phrase "is executed" not accurately? Everything is very simple if varnish is outside nail plate or cuticle are cut ugly off and also if nails not of one size or form, then manicure automatically becomes inaccurate.

Of course, it is necessary to forget also about varnish which oblez from nails as it looks awfully. If varnish has got down from one nail, then it is necessary or to erase it from all nails, or to anew recolour nails.

Also it is worth noticing that manicure perfectly will look only on well-groomed hands. If hands are not well-groomed, then any manicure will look not especially impressively. And in order that hands were well-groomed, it is regularly necessary to carry out for them the necessary cosmetic procedures.

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