As nipples have to look

As nipples have to look

nipples ideally supplement breast, give it still big sensitivity, are one of the most important erogenous zones of body and also serve for bringing up of the newborn child. There are their different forms which differ in variety in relation to color, width of areola and thickness of the nipple.

Description of nipples

Nipples of the woman represent two areola with speakers over them natural dense formations. Their color can vary depending on quantity of pigment of the melanin which is contained in skin of his owner. So, red women have nipples almost colourless or slightly pink, at blondes – pinkish, at brown-haired women – light brown, and at brunettes – dark brown. They can be both tiny, and huge, depending on the bust size though it is not always absolute indicator.

It is considered that small female nipples have the greatest sensitivity at the expense of the concentrated number of the nervous terminations.

In form of pacifier can be elliptic, long, thick and the return camber. Nipples of elliptic form have the oblong extended shape with axis of the symmetry which is a little rejected from direct vertical. In case of the return camber they form the small hollow and do not act over the surface of breast. Include nipples which size in vertical projection is very big even at rest in category of long. And, at last, thick – they are very massive and have extremely wide horizontal radius as in condition of excitement, and at rest.

Non-standard nipples

There are several types of female nipples which differ in unusual form. To it carry convex mamillar areola which considerably acts over skin of breast and is caused by the reduced condition of muscles of this zone and also the increased volume of hypodermic cellulose. In condition of excitement of pacifier with convex areola usually get out of similar shape. Also those which diameter significantly exceed diameter of usual pencil enter this category. The constant pointedness of female nipple, however, as well as its flat weakened state, is absolute physiological norm. One more non-standard look is very large nipple of accurate cylindrical form making impression of big hardness. Such they are often compared to the metalwork drilling tool or the tool for glass cutting. Their complete antithesis are big wide nipples which on structure remind the soft substance causing in men association with chewing gum.

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