As on face to remove hems from pimples

As on face to remove hems from pimples

Eels represent serious threat for appearance of face skin as they not only spoil appearance in the course of the maturing, but also do not brighten up it, leaving behind noticeable hems in the form of dimples. To smooth skin, it is possible to use both the help of experts, and folk remedies.


1. Use national methods of disposal of hems. For this purpose parsley broth (or the ice cubes prepared from it), solution of vinegar or cucumber juice will approach. Just apply small amount of means on cotton tampon and wipe face 2 times a day. Nevertheless for full disposal of hems of these methods will be insufficiently. You will be able to get rid of reddenings and to level skin color, however poles from eels will still remain on face.

2. Address to beauty shop or the center of esthetic medicine for more effective impact on skin. One of the most popular procedures is the chemical peeling which represents face peel with use of the grinding substances. Leather is processed abrasive structure, deleting upper layers of epidermis. The procedure is a little painful, however its results are well noticeable.

3. Try alternative option – microdermabrasion. Leather at the same time is processed by the special microparticles stimulating its regeneration. This way shows results only after certain number of procedures therefore in advance stock up with patience. Treatment will be more effective with additional use of special gel. The method is absolutely painless.

4. In the most serious cases when on face there is a lot of hems, or they too deep, use method of laser grinding. It is the most expensive way, but at the same time the most productive. Laser grinding is applied also to disposal of extensions, scars and other imperfections.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team