As on the computer to pick up to itself hairstyle

As on the computer to pick up to itself hairstyle

Before replacing hairstyle it is worth thinking whether it will suit you? It is quite difficult to imagine himself in new appearance therefore there are doubts and fears of visit of beauty shop. Fortunately, new technologies in the form of various programs and online services can help to pick up to themselves hairstyle on the computer.


  1. In advance prepare the special photo as the utilities intended for selection of hairstyles and make-up will not be able to brush your hair and to turn the head under the necessary corner. On photo the person in fullface has to be represented your clean (without make-up).
  2. Hair should not stick out in different directions and interfere with perception of new visual image therefore they can be collected previously in tail, and to pin up bang that did not fall down on forehead. If you like to bring result to perfection, then process the turned-out image in the photo editor, check that extension of the drawing was not less than 400 pixels.
  3. Download the special program which will help you to pick up the necessary image on the computer. Ordinary such programs contain in the base up to 2 thousand various templates of hairstyles and make-ups, here you will be able even to change color of eyes and to put on various headdresses and accessories. For example, the Dopestyle program is well-known the quality. It is absolutely free and it is possible to download it on the official site ( Here you will find in quality of bonus practical advice on hair care.
  4. Use online service if you do not want to install the program on the computer. However this option will not suit those who have unstable Internet or payment depends on the used traffic. As the most popular and advanced the websites services Ivillage (English-speaking), as Taaz (demands registration) and Makeoveridea are considered (to enough load photo). The images which have turned out as a result of experience on online service can share on social networks.
  5. Both programs, and services give the chance to keep result in format, convenient for you. It can be unpacked further on paper and to carry in beauty shop to the hairdresser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team