As pheromone perfume works

As pheromone perfume works

Before using pheromone perfume, it is necessary to get acquainted with what impact they make on opposite sex and how the desirable effect is reached. If to choose the aroma which is the most suitable to the created image, success will be guaranteed.

These perfumery products are intended for impact on opposite sex with the purpose to draw its attention to the owner of aroma. Spirits emphasize sexuality and report about readiness for communication and creation of couple.

Mechanism of impact of pheromones on the person

Pheromones it is accepted to call the special substances emitted by living organism (animal or the person) through glands and fabrics. The feature of these chemical compounds highly of their volatility thanks to which they are capable to abandon owner and as fast as possible to extend in the air surrounding him. Any aroma actively influences mentality of the person, causing in it any given desires or associations.

However, pheromones in pure form have no smell, but are perceived by brain as the certain signal reporting to opposite sex about the expressed sexuality of their owner. The science has proved ability of these substances to affect behavior of the person, to cause in it interest in communication and sexual contact. If to be exact, pheromones nevertheless have aroma, but it is so small that is not caught by human sense of smell at all therefore these volatile chemical compounds are capable to influence directly brain and subconsciousness of people around. Pheromone perfume includes the program of production of sexual hormones at objects of opposite sex and stimulates inclination.

What effect causes influence of pheromones?

In composition with perfume these chemical compounds give to spirits the charming aroma considerably increasing appeal of its owner. It begins to be perceived by representatives of opposite sex as the object possessing natural charm and irresistibility. Pheromones force to feel interest in that person who wastes the aroma saturated with them the feeling of admiration, inclination and other pleasant emotions cause desire to get acquainted. Concerning efficiency of such spirits the opinions differ: many of those who have used them, claim that this perfume has met the expectations assigned to it, others, on the contrary, are disappointed in it. With confidence it is possible to tell one: pheromones make the impact on brain and subconsciousness of opposite sex, but on each person – differently. Therefore to regard them as love potion or panacea from loneliness it would be unreasonable.

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