As pump up lips

As pump up lips

Plumpness of lips, change of their initial form now at the height of fashion. How do modern women pump up the lips, and what ways including house, exist for change of their natural form?


  1. It is possible to increase the volume of lips by means of hyaluronic acid. Substance in the form of gel by injections is entered into the area of lips. This method is considered the simplest (the procedure lasts only half an hour) and safe, unlike injections of silicone and acrylic. Causes allergic reactions extremely seldom. The effect lasts up to 9-10 months, then the procedure can be repeated.
  2. Other type of the saloon procedure for change of volume of lips – lipofilling, or inflating of lips own fat cells of the client. The procedure lasts about an hour, validity period is rather high to unlimited. The injection does not cause allergy, but correction after the carried-out procedure is possible, depending on that how fatty tissue has evenly taken root in lips.
  3. There are injections of biopolymer gels which do not tend to resorption. That is validity period after the half-hour procedure with such gel is not limited. Painless consolidations and cones on lips which disappear within month are possible.
  4. To correct shape of lips and to make them the permanent make-up which period of validity reaches up to five years will help slightly more volume. The procedure lasts about two hours. But this method gives only visual effect of the increased lips. If it wants radical changes, then the plastic surgery which reaches the necessary contours of lips, the swelling demanded them, radical change of form will help.
  5. Among house methods for change of shape of lips without operation and injection the special complex of gymnastics to lips the Call of the nature containing more than ten exercises is widely applied.
  6. Morning massage by honey on toothbrush of area of lips promotes their swelling and increase. Visually decorative cosmetics, for example, with use of light planimetric pencil and light shade of lipstick will help to increase lips. There are also other methods of use of cosmetics which are used by makeup artists for visual increase in the size of lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team