As resistant lipstick works

As resistant lipstick works

Resistant lipstick is capable to keep on lips for 12 hours and more. At the same time it keeps the appeal even after dense having a snack.

In what secret of firmness of lipstick

Many women with pleasure use resistant lipstick when they need to look attractively for several hours. This product is especially relevant when ladies have no opportunity constantly to tint lips.

The secret of unusual firmness of such lipsticks consists in their structure. All resistant lipsticks make on the basis of lanolin. Lanolin contains fats which get into skin, carrying out for itself all nutrients, vitamins painting pigments. Because dye gets into skin, but does not remain on its surface, color of lips remains bright for several hours.

To set the gained effect, producers add silicone oil to such lipsticks. This substance is rather hazardous. According to the existing standards, contents it in lipstick should not exceed 8%. Otherwise lipstick can do harm to health. Resistant lipsticks, unfortunately, very strongly dry up lips. In order that to compensate it by something, producers add to them nutritious oils, vitamins and other useful ingredients. Some producers even produce double lipsticks. On the one side of tube there is product with lanolin and the painting pigments, and with another - the nutritious balm adding gloss.

Rules of use of resistant lipstick

At regular use of lipstick the condition of lips significantly worsens. On them small cracks, peelings appear. Availability as a part of cosmetic of nutritious and moisturizing components saves the situation a little, but nevertheless does not solve problems with peeling and dryness. Even the most expensive and quality resistant lipsticks negatively influence condition of lips. That lips were always healthy, resistant lipstick can use only occasionally. It is possible to have such product in the arsenal of cosmetics, but it is desirable to use it only for special issues, appointments. After use of resistant lipstick it is recommended to clean carefully lips, if necessary to process them srub and to oil the warmed-up olive. It is possible to apply on them with thick layer nutritious cream and to remove its surplus only in 15-20 minutes. It is possible to add 2-3 drops of vitamins A to cream or olive oil and E or to use special means of Ayevit which can be got in drugstore.

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