As spangles are correctly applied on gel

As spangles are correctly applied on gel

If you not often visit various salons, preferring to do make-up, manicure independently, then it is worth learning how spangles are applied on gel correctly. The first time such stylish ornament is very problematic to put – spangles are distributed absolutely unevenly, sometimes gather in unattractive lumps. How it is correct to put them that manicure could brag of the faultlessness? It will be useful for each girl to learn several simple cunnings which will help you with creation of ideal manicure!

There are several relevant ways of drawing "brilliant" manicure. Before drawing it is required to mix carefully a little gel with spangles. Then process marigold, later you pass to this work. Apply a little bonder-gel on nails of one hand – marigold has to become opaque. Nails seem wet and at the same time shine? Therefore, surplus funds are required to be withdrawn sponge. Act softly – any sharp movements not to remove too much material.

Now wait – start up gel will dry. And already then put thin layer of transparent gel. It is applied on all surface of nail, but on cuticle or near-nail skin should not get, otherwise varnish will begin to peel off ahead of time. So try to avoid it that manicure could please you longer.

But there is also other method of creation of accurate manicure with spangles. At first on nails the basic layer, then – modeling is imposed. When the second layer dries out, apply the transparent gel mixed with the necessary quantity of spangles. Further just remove surplus of the last layer, having used sponge. After each layer let's nails dry out – you should not hurry in this case! Well and finally file marigold, and from above put luster layer.

By the way, for creation of house manicure you will need special brush which not bad reduces expense of spangles. It prevents hit of excess parts in gel and also saves from regular cleaning of brush after each procedure.

Of course, it is possible not to mix gel with spangles at all, and just to strew with them from above. It is quite good alternative method. Take the ordinary applicator for shadows. Still the small plastic straw for cocktails and brush will be required. Gather a few spangles, accurately strew with them from above nail, without waiting until the last layer of gel dries out finally. This method is good the fact that you can control expense of spangles! Sometimes it is necessary to create only light effect of gloss.

So test in business all ways of putting varnish for gel to understand what is most convenient for you. Further you will be able to brag of beautiful marigold for which creation you even had not to visit salon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team