As the cone is braided

As the cone is braided

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Cone, as a rule, call usual French braid. The main difference from classical hairstyle is only thickness of the locks connected to weaving from sides – they have to be very thin.

  1. Comb hair on all length. To braid beautiful and equal cone, it is necessary that they were clean and without efforts were divided into separate locks. It is better for owners of the curling or too fluffy hair to straighten them by means of the iron or to use liquid silk.
  2. Separate small part of hair on the top equal hair parting by means of thin flat hairbrush. You hold them in the left hand as it is possible closer to roots. Comb from the line of growth of hair that in this area there were no roosters and roughnesses. Divide into three locks, equal on volume.
  3. Make the two first interception of working locks as when weaving the ordinary spit. That is in turn place in the center right, and then left. Tighten hair. Weaving of cone completely corresponds to creation of the French braid, the difference consists only in thickness of the locks connected to weaving from sides.
  4. Separate on the right side from weaving part of the hair which are located near initial hair parting. The lock has to turn out very thin therefore it is possible to use flat hairbrush. If you do hair cone on yourself, and use of supportive applications is not possible, it is possible to help itself nail. Raise and smooth hair that they have accurately joined work. Connect them to the right working lock, bring everything together to the center.
  5. Repeat the procedure until all hair are not involved in weaving. The main secretion of braid cone is in what the curls which have joined weaving from sides has to be much.
  6. Connect all hair together when the last locks from sides are involved in weaving. Accurately divide tail into two parts. Finish weaving of braid cone in the equipment fish tail, it suits hairstyle more, than the ordinary spit from three locks. For this purpose separate thin curl from each of half of tail and throw it from above on the opposite side. Record weaving by scrunchy.

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