As the cone sideways is braided

As the cone sideways is braided

One of advantages of braid cone is the fact that it is possible to braid it both on curly, and on straight hair. Such hairstyle will allow to look accurately and at the same time is incredibly womanly. For addition of originality at image, it is possible to braid cone on one side.

Equipment of zapletaniye of cone on one side

It is rather difficult to braid cone to itself, but it is possible. Only a little patience and assiduity will be required. Each time the braid will begin to turn out accurater, and time spent for weaving will be reduced.

For a start prepare hair — carefully comb them. It is easier to braid cone on a little moist hair. In this case locks will be more exactly and more accurately. For this purpose it is possible to sprinkle the combed hair a little from spray water.

If your hair rather thin, comb them at roots a little. To make it rather just by means of small comb or thin hairbrush. Thanks to pile the hairstyle will get necessary volume and will look more elegantly. Comb hair back that the hair parting was not visible. Then accurately separate three locks with which you will begin weaving of braid on one side from the top. It is important to take locks from that side from where there will be braid. To understand the scheme of weaving, number locks from left to right: the first, second, third. Place the first lock between the second and third. Then take the third lock and shift it between the first and second. Now begin to add hair to cone. for this purpose accurately separate the second lock, place it between the first and third, and then take small lock of hair at the left. Repeat everything further at first, but take part of hair already on the right side. Continue to do so on all head, accurately I alternate locks from the different parties. Tighten hair more tightly that the hairstyle looked accurater and separate hairs were not beaten out from braid. The tail which has remained at the end of cone can be hidden under braid by means of the invisible being or small hairpin. If hair long, then it is possible to braid long on all length.

How to diversify cone

To give to hairstyle easier, a little negligent look, accurately weaken cone, carefully extending each lock, beginning from foundation of the spit. So at you the gentle, openwork braid will turn out. It is possible to experiment with hairstyle, having extended several locks that they framed face. To set result for longer time, sprinkle hairstyle varnish. Use various accessories, for example, flowers for hair, hairpins, diadems. So you will look unique and diversify appearance, even braiding the same braid several days in a row. Especially as the cone braided on one side — unusual and very beautiful hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team