As the face over the years is changed

As the face over the years is changed

In process of growing the person as if the flower, blossoms, and then over time withers. There is change of skeleton, the structure of fabrics, skin changes. In old age the person becomes more roundish as a result of involute changes of bones of facial skull.


1. By 14 years the forming of facial skull comes to an end. Lines of chin, jaw, nose are pointed. Skin becomes less soft and gentle. By 20 years the first mimic wrinkles can develop. At mature age with 20 to 30 the obvious ocherchennost of lines and contours appears. The way of life, character of the person are reflected in his face and mimicry. Hardly noticeable wrinkles become obvious. Men have first symptoms of baldness.

2. In old age undergoes changes and zubochelyustny the device. When teeth drop out, the shape of face becomes other. If not to resort to prosthetics, there is wear of maxillary arches, and nasolabial folds become more expressed and obvious. Due to the lack of due load of muscles and tissues of mouth there is their atrophy.

3. In process of aging there are changes and to eyes. They kind of fall into orbits. Such changes can result from dystrophy, disappearance of fat layer. The habitual location is changed by eyebrows, they fall below, making the face gloomy and sad. Also gloss in eyes disappears, they become yellow because of turbidity skler. Fatty tissue on face gradually disappears, cheeks fall, cheekbones are excreted, and lips become thinner. Such problem does not threaten stout persons. At them small wrinkles and folds are less noticeable. The habit to blink eyes accelerates process of formation of "goose pads" around eyes.

4. Face skin loses elasticity, youth, healthy and fresh look. It results from degradation of collagenic and elastinovy fibers, decrease in blood supply. Division of basal cages stops therefore the basal layer decreases, and rogovy increases, skin becomes dry. Also mimic muscles weaken. It is harder and harder to express by means of them emotions with age. First of all frontal folds are shown. At someone they pass lengthways, and at others - across, between superciliary arches.

5. It is possible to refer to characteristic signs of aging of nose: lengthening, droop of tip, reduction of front back. It is the result of change of bone skeleton which served as reliable support of shape of nose in youth. The bone and cartilaginous skeleton is covered by muscles which are necessary for tightening and unclamping of nasal openings. With age muscles are lost by tone, and arises involutional ptoz (omission).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team