As the fashion for female figure changes

As the fashion for female figure changes

you reflect sometime from where the image of ideal body has undertaken? I do not remember that I took part in similar vote, - the woman who has endured anorexia so writes in the blog. Has led desire to fix the body, to result it in the norm accepted here and now, to standard, fashionable this decade, to disease.

Now it is accepted that the woman respecting herself actively played sports, not poklady bars, marker of sexuality became cubes of press and the correct shape of buttock. Most of women have buttocks what is, and the majority has no press cubes. Most of women wants to be such what it is considered to be sexual now and, respectively, women spend time, forces and money for bringing body into socially encouraged standards of beauty.

About twenty years about cubes of press of the speech were not and naprisedat - buttocks were not considered as signs sexually attractively of the woman at all. At that time was considered that the woman respecting herself has to be thin as Keith Moss. Most of women was not thin as Keith Moss, most of women wanted to be such what it is considered to be sexual now and, respectively, women spent time, forces and money for bringing body into socially approved standards of beauty.

About 40 flyings ago, when the plastics was available only to the Hollywood stars, was considered that the woman respecting herself has to have big, very big breast, as at Pamela Anderson. Most of women had no big breast, but very much wanted to meet social norms of beauty.

To Pamela Anderson Marilyn Monroe was standard of femininity. Was considered that the woman respecting herself has to be same soft, and, by itself, blonde. Most of women were oneself, but not soft blondes, but it was no good, it was necessary to bring itself into accord to social norms of beauty.

To Marilyn Monroe were malchikoobrazny (more correct to tell skeletal) that without hint on breast and buttocks. Most of women had breast and buttocks, and at that time it laid down heavy burden on female mentality, with breast it is inconvenient to woman to follow social norms of beauty. 

What unites all these different types of female beauty which changed 5-6 times in century? 

They are united that most of women did not approach under standard. 

Because then women would not begin to spend money for attempts to undermine the figure. And if the industry of beauty dictates norm image for which the vast majority of women needs to sweat and to properly facilitate the purses in salons and gyms, then money flows to interested persons.

Esthetic clinics endure blossoming more than ever. Initially they have been created to try to correct appearance of the victims of accidents, at severe burns, other damages. Now the speech does not go correcting defects. The speech about that to subject initially beautiful woman's face to changes to please to fashion which will change in decade.

The same concerns diets which do not work because all industry of beauty is not engaged in solution, she creates problem. 

If most of women is enough body who will make profit?

In the 2015th year in the USA, sales of anti-cellulite means have pulled for 18 billion dollars that is 7% more, than in the 2014th. While the cellulitis problem just did not exist earlier. All had it, and it was considered as normal how normally to have nail plates or eyelashes. In Rubens's pictures (in which, by the way, the master has represented social norm of beauty of that time) orange-peel is visible with the naked eye. For the first time cellulitis became problem last century, and it has begun with the publication of article in the authoritative magazine. That article has provoked flow of letters from alarmed women who did not think of cellulitis still yesterday, and now it with horror have found it in themselves and have resolved to get rid, now it is considered ugliness. 

Thus, the average figure of the average woman who is initially fine and attractive for men with healthy mentality will never be fashionable, never it will be announced standard because female neurosises and alarms because of own body is huge business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team