As the fatty tumor looks

As the fatty tumor looks

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tumor call benign tumor which is formed of fatty tissue and most often arises under hair, on back or face. To the touch the fatty tumor soft, accurately limited can also move slightly under skin when pressing by finger. How to learn fatty tumors and from where they undertake?

Reasons of emergence of fatty tumors

First of all, emergence of fatty tumors is connected with modern food which quality and naturalness leave much to be desired. It contains large amount of the inorganic ingredients breaking natural clarification of organism in the course of its activity. Not the last role in emergence of fatty tumors is played also by inactive way of life which promotes decrease in motility of digestive tract. As a result the organism does not manage to delete slags and toxins, distributing them on hypodermic fatty tissue where channels of sebaceous glands are tightly blocked by these products of disintegration.

Usually fatty tumors do not do harm, extremely seldom regenerating in malignancy.

In addition, experts consider that emergence of fatty tumors can be connected with the level of fat exchange, hormonal condition of organism, cholesterol exchange and also to be consequence of enzymatic insufficiency. Also the option with hereditary form of the disease passing from father to son is possible. Such form of disease is characterized by multiple fatty tumors on body and face which do not need to be squeezed out at all.

How does the fatty tumor look?

It is quite simple to distinguish fatty tumor. Under skin the roundish formation of the small size appears. It rather dense to the touch, has smooth surface and relative mobility. Skin in this site remains corporal color, and the fatty tumor unlike granuloma or other similar formations is completely painless. Traditionally the sizes of fatty tumor do not exceed 1-1.5 centimeters in the diameter and are found at accidental palpation.

It is impossible to squeeze out fatty tumor or to get rid of it in other national way – it is surrounded with the connective tissue capsule in which the tumor will grow again.

In certain cases fatty tumors which expand up to 4-6 centimeters and more meet. Big formations can squeeze the next bodies and fabrics, breaking their functions and causing pain. The morbidity at emergence of fatty tumor can be also connected with the fact that in its structure there is nervous tissue. It is desirable to delete fatty tumors in stationary conditions, by means of traditional surgical intervention, resorptional pricks or laser surgery which does not leave after the procedure of defects of integument. Usually the doctor recommends to remove fatty tumor which size exceeds three centimeters. Postoperative period very short.

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