As the increased nails look

As the increased nails look

To experiment with appearance and to allow someone to conduct over itself experiment is different things. Not to fall victim of the unfortunate manicurist, once you find out in advance, the increased nails look.


1. Having come to salon, it is necessary to begin session with conversation with the master. Do not hesitate to ask questions and to do specifications. Depends on the client as far as its wishes will be executed. Having trusted in the expert being silent, it is possible to be disappointed in its work.

2. To learn what will be nails after building, it is required to choose artificial material – gel or acrylic. It is necessary to consider that not all masters work with both materials.

3. That the nails after building looked normally and were not weakened, you should not save on the procedure. Professionals I apply expensive material, for example, bio-gel. This natural substance which is not damaging plate. And work of such expert will be costs expensive.

4. So, how the increased nails look? More maneuvers for work give gel as it does not stiffen in the course of work, allowing to form various patterns and volume motives. Helium nails, as a rule, more equal, glossy, have pleasant pinkish or milk shade. Naturally, at the request of the client it is possible to execute color building and then it is not necessary to varnish plates or to paint with paints. Also this material allows to create smoother bend of nail.

5. A little differently nails after building by acrylic look. This material looks as the dust dissolved by acetone. In the course of work the master forms of it small balls and "smears" them brush on plate. Therefore, first, acrylic building is often carried out with use tips. And secondly, because of ability of material to stiffen very quickly, the ready nails turn out thickish and need trimming. So acrylic nails look less gracefully, than helium, and surface their opaque. Besides when building by acrylic nails often turn out or straight lines (when using tips), or, on the contrary, "humpbacked". But the qualified master is capable to make acrylic building very accurately.

6. Many women worry how the nails after building and correction will look. The answer to this question is hidden in material selection and manicurists. During the careful work, soft trimming and skillful removal, natural nails undergo the minimum damages, or have no them in general. Some materials, such as bio-gel on the basis of the pitch of the South American tiksovy tree containing vitamins and proteins are created especially for strengthening of natural nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team