As the lady looks

As the lady looks

word lady has come to all languages of the world from England. It steadily causes associations with elegant, well-groomed and perfectly well-mannered lady. Lady Sovershenstvo is fantastic title of the ideal and forever young nurse Mary Poppins. Professor of phonetics Higgins has turned the street florist Elisa Dulittl into beautiful lady. However it is possible to become the real lady and now, but for this purpose it is necessary to work on itself constantly.


  1. The appearance of the lady has to differ in ukhozhennost. First of all, permanent care of skin, and not only persons, but also hands, legs and all body is necessary. Beautiful hands with velvety skin and accurate, but not too bright manicure have to become the business card of any woman – especially to that which lays claim to the real lady-.
  2. The correct leaving is necessary for face skin. For this purpose it is possible to use both special cosmetics, and masks of house preparation. At least twice a week it is necessary to adjust the line of eyebrows. The make-up has to correspond to situation. At work it should be easy and not striking, emphasizing natural beauty. Brighter of tone are relevant to exit in theater, restaurant or on friendly party.
  3. The hairstyle of the real lady has to be always accurately laid. The locks which are sticking out in different directions are inadmissible, and, certainly, hair have to look clean and differ in natural gloss.
  4. The real lady is distinguished by proud bearing. It always has to have faultlessly direct back. In any situation she sits elegantly, having straightened back and shoulders and at the same time keeping natural pose.
  5. The clothes of the lady have to be made according to requirements of faultless style and taste. She will never put on too short skirt or too deep decollete, obviously vulgar or tasteless dress, will not begin to carry cheap jewelry. At the same time the clothes absolutely not necessarily have to be the road. The main thing – that it always was clean and accurately ironed out. And here you should not save on footwear and bags. The faultless quality has to distinguish them.
  6. One of components of female image is delicate aroma of spirits. It is the best of all to have collection from several small bottles which will be suitable for different season or day. At the same time the smell has to be expensive and attractive, but hardly noticeable.
  7. Besides, the lady has to keep calm and coolness in any circumstances, never to use swear words and vulgar expressions. It is necessary to avoid addictions: not to smoke and minimize alcohol intake at all. At the same time the lady has to be well educated and well-read always to be interesting to people around and to be able to support any conversation.
  8. Certainly, the true lady to become hard, but if to aim at it and to make certain efforts, to achieve desirable result quite perhaps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team