As the permanent make-up can increase lips

As the permanent make-up can increase lips

Permanent make-up - very popular procedure among young girls and women. With its help it is possible to correct completely shape of lips and also their color and volume. Lips can sometimes have various congenital defects: all this can be corrected by means of permanent make-up.

1. The permanent make-up of lips is carried out by the master in beauty shop or in cosmetology office. Before the procedure he discusses desirable shape of lips and color with the client. Restrictions in the choice do not exist: color of tea rose, caramel, bright red and so on. If it is required to lift the fallen corners of lips, then by means of the procedure of permanent make-up it is also possible.

2. In the beginning the master draws contour pencil, then greases with ointment - it is local anesthesia. Some do anesthesia by means of prick. When it works, the master begins to carry out permanent make-up the special machine: to enter into lips dye thin needle. This about half an hour lasts. The procedure of permanent make-up is not painful, however unpleasant feelings are inevitable.

3. On completion of the procedure the master surely registers the anti-inflammatory and healing means which need to be used. In the first week after permanent make-up the use of hot dishes, acceptance of solar bathtubs, visit of sauna or steam room is forbidden. Next day after permanent make-up on lips there is crust which cannot be touched and furthermore to break. It has to dry up and disappear independently. If something does not suit the client, then correction is possible only in three weeks when lips finally heal.

4. The permanent make-up of lips can be carried out completely or partially. Absolute filling is suitable for those who wish to change color of lips. This equipment also allows to achieve noticeable increase in volume of lips. There is also technology of drawing contour of lips. It suits those who are happy with shape of lips, but has a little indistinct contour. It is possible to increase the size of lips by means of permanent make-up over lip and under lip. As a result of it lips become visually more volume also relyefny. At the request of the client the master can execute permanent make-up of lips with shading.

5. The people with the increased fragility of vessels, various malignancies, blood diseases having epilepsy, HIV infection, diabetes and also that who has the weakened immunity are forbidden to carry out permanent make-up of lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team