As the permanent make-up of eyebrows becomes

As the permanent make-up of eyebrows becomes

Permanent make-up of eyebrows - one of the most widespread services in beauty shop. The permanent make-up allows to adjust form, volume and the size of eyebrows. Paint for permanent make-up keeps several years.


  1. Before the procedure the master will ask you on preferences, will help to pick up shape of eyebrows and color, to choose the equipment of permanent make-up. At the hairpin equipment the make-up will be more natural, pencil will create accurate contour, as if drawn with cosmetic pencil. Before work performance the expert will plan future shape of your eyebrows special marker.
  2. After that to you will put on hat the head and will lay on couch. Then the master will disinfect your eyebrows and will grease them with anesthetic or will give the anesthetizing injection. You will need to wait some time so far anesthesia will not work.
  3. After a while the master will start direct performance of work. The permanent make-up becomes the special device by the principle of tattoo. Dye is entered under skin by means of needle by small shaped movements. Depth of pricks is about 1 mm. At first the contour is planned, then the form is carried out. Process can be a little unpleasant and will take 40-60 minutes.
  4. After work performance the master will process your eyebrows disinfecting solution and will give advice on care for permanent make-up. You cannot wet some time of eyebrow, to visit bath and sauna. For fast healing it will be necessary to grease the processed place with special ointment. After permanent make-up the crust which completely will descend in 7-10 days is formed.
  5. Often in 10-14 days the master invites to the repeated procedure - the shape of eyebrows is adjusted, in some places the pigment is added. Correction becomes quicker, than the full-fledged permanent make-up, and allows paint to hold on longer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team