As the person over the years changes

As the person over the years changes

is pleasant to someone or not, and the person over the years changes externally and internally. Changes happen also in body, organism in general, in character, outlook.


  1. Under pressure of the media promoting beauty and sexual appeal at any age, more and more people are afraid of aging. Especially desperate lay down under knife, trying if not to return time in go balmy then to stop. But neither doctors, nor scientists can stop physiological process.
  2. Time has gone! The lived years do not pass completely, leaving the marks in the form of wrinkles, scars, flabbiness. In the period of the childhood and youth growing, changes in organism are more noticeable. On there are still enough forces, problems with health and chronic indispositions do not disturb. About flying with 30 many begin to catch themselves on thought that eyes had had wrinkles which were not, weight has increased by several kilogram and is jumped already not so easily as about five years ago.
  3. With age flavoring receptors atrophy owing to what, food seems not such tasty any more. Therefore the person begins to lean on salt, sugar, fats and other additives. All this will not be slow to be shown on condition of GIT and skin. Also the person begins to lose muscle bulk. It is replaced with fat layer which is distributed unevenly on body. Teeth collapse, kidneys play pranks, gradually hands over liver. The organism wears out, however not only because of the operation. Its state is influenced by ecology and way of life. Though there is no panacea from aging, but the correct mode helps to endure physiological changes easier.
  4. The character, state of mind and the general sostoyaniyes for years of people changes not only externally. The age influences also character, living position, views of the person. Often any best sides of temper are aggravated. The person already it seems as has nothing to hide and pretend to be, it is possible to prove to be in all beauty. Irritability, emotionality or, on the contrary, short circuit in themselves are often connected with hormonal background, unbalanced food, neurotic diseases and problems with vessels.
  5. Besides, the way of life gradually changes. If the woman who has got used to look after many years members of household remains one, she has no desire and does not see sense to prepare, to remove, live only for itself. The man for whom the wife cared all the time becomes absolutely absent-minded and helpless when it is necessary for him manages most. Dear people become good assistants, listeners and just joy in such situations.
  6. The person changes over the years and often not for the better. But it is quite natural and natural process of which it is not necessary to be afraid, it is necessary to be prepared for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team