As ""the proteinaceous diet"" damages health of women

As ""the proteinaceous diet"" damages health of women

The proteinaceous diet invented by doctor R. Atkins about thirty flyings ago is very popular way of weight loss to this day. It has great success with athletes and body builders and also women aiming to get rid quickly of excess weight.

Today there is set of variations of proteinaceous diet, but all of them are based on minimizing of number of the consumed carbohydrates which are substituted with proteins. Such diet provides unlimited consumption of products with the high content of proteins (low-fat grades of meat and bird, fish, eggs). Several days later after the beginning of diet instead of carbohydrates in organism proteins, and as a result begin to burn down, the person begins to grow thin, and quickly enough.

However this method of weight loss not such harmless as it seems. The first what adherents of proteinaceous diet, violation of work of digestive tract face. As in diet completely there is no cellulose, intestines are not able to cope with the work. It can become the cause of the severe dysbacteriosis and locks.

During proteinaceous diet in organism surplus of products of disintegration of protein – urates, oxoarmour, phosphates, etc. is formed. They create additional load of kidneys, liver and other major bodies. The standard daily rate of protein at optimum consumption of carbohydrates is 1 gram on kilogram of weight of the person. If intake of proteins exceeds this figure, the so-called proteinaceous intoxication leading to serious violations in activity of internals and systems begins. The proteinaceous diet is the reason of avitaminosis and sharp increase in level of cholesterol in blood. Besides, this method of weight loss, breaks acid-base balance. Over time in organism the total oxidation leading to death of cages begins. Skin, nails and hair promptly lose moisture and health. High level of protein at such food can promote washing away of calcium from bones, and it creates threat of development of osteoporosis. According to the last researches such diet considerably increases risk of oncological diseases. It has become clear that after consumption of one proteinaceous food, in intestines the concentration of the products of metabolism provoking development of malignant tumors significantly increases. Thus, proteinaceous food needs to be supplemented surely with the products containing carbohydrates and fats. At any diet it is necessary to calculate strictly amount of the consumed proteins, fats and carbohydrates, following the basic rules of the balanced food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team