As the shape of nails pipe becomes

As the shape of nails pipe becomes

Nail extension allows each woman to find optimum form and length of the manicure. Quite often when modeling form of the master and their client give preference to nails pipe. Such form gives to brush femininity, pipe, or tubules, become on tipsa.

The form pipe looks incredibly harmoniously due to merge of two types of forms – amygdaloid and square. Nails in the form of tubules quite often choose as festive manicure, for example, on wedding or other celebration. Also pipe are popular at production of the French manicure.

Features of shape of nails of pipe

Pipe-nogti really remind tubules because their side sides are parallel, the free edge of plate has bevel under 45 degrees. It is possible to choose accumulation practically of any length, successfully look on pipe nails painting.

Modeling of form pipe happens on tipsa to use of acrylic paint. But many masters use also gel. To create plate, it is necessary to prepare marigold for a start. For this purpose the surface is degreased, sawn round. Then use form in the form of cone. Further acrylic is applied with round brush in form, at the same time there is modeling of nail. It is also important to clamp on the building performance course side sides, for this purpose it is possible to take tweezers. The final form the nail is given by means of file. The stiffening rib needs to be modelled until acrylic is polymerized. For additional gloss it is possible to cover nail plate the finish gel or other decorative covering.

Advantages and shortcomings of nails of form pipe

Nails pipe can be decorated with spangles or to make monophonic, proceeding from the client's wishes. This shape of nails does not give inconvenience when carrying, but it is worth to remember about need of regular adjustments. If not to do correction, the pipe-form through some time will pass into amygdaloid. The beautiful form pipe visually extends fingers, does brush elegant. And what is remarkable - both young girls, and mature ladies can choose such option for building. Organically tubules and in pastel tones, and in bright design look, it is possible to paint over varnish and to cover with the graceful drawing both all plate, and only tip. Pipe is also suitable for execution of aquarian design and other original ideas, the form opens scope for imagination. When choosing the pipe form it is necessary to consider that more perfect long marigold, than short looks. But to be afraid of the big length of plate there is no need – availability of stiffening rib and accurate, smooth edges will not allow nails to break. Accustoming to tubules happens quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team