As the stress affects our beauty

As the stress affects our beauty

are often subject to stress. All think that it negatively affects only our health. But it not so. The stress negatively affects our beauty. Hair, nails, skin spoil.

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  1. Problems with skin - quite natural reaction of organism to chronic stress. It is all about the same hormone cortisol. Because of cortisol, extensions appear, wounds long do not heal.
  2. Most sensitively the skin and hair react to emotional pressure. To avoid troubles, it is necessary to know, where exactly and as the stress is shown and what will reduce its consequences.
  3. Cortisol forces organism some fat deposits to spend. You will unevenly grow thin. Cheeks vanish, the neck becomes thinner and the breast "is blown off". At the same time because of insufficient production of collagen skin of zone of decollete does not manage to be pulled together, and the bust droops.
  4. If the breast promptly dries out, then the lower body, on the contrary, increases. More noticeable is area of riding breeches, cellulitis becomes active.
  5. Gentle face skin sensitively reacts to stress: the susceptibility to external irritants increases, the dryness, peeling and reddenings appear.
  6. It is no secret that because of experiences hair begin to drop out. Curls let know about the endured stress in month - another. And cortisol slows down growth of hair, and some just do not manage to succeed others. Besides the growing locks look dim.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team