As the tattoo quickly begins to live

As the tattoo quickly begins to live

Drawing tattoo is traumatizing skin, so, after implementation of such procedure the person needs some time for rehabilitation. While "wounds" heal, it is important to provide to the injured part of the body the correct care.

How much time you need for restoration after tattoo

It is impossible to tell precisely how many healing of tattoo as the universal answer to this question does not exist will last. A lot of things depend on features of organism, on that, body wounds at the specific person how fast drag on. However anyway it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations concerning care for tattoo as it will allow to accelerate process considerably.

A lot of things depend on what part of body has been chosen for drawing the drawing. As a rule, tattoos on forearms most quicker begin to live, and most slowly – on ankles.

On average in 2-3 days after drawing tattoo on skin the crust appears. It is not recommended to move away her – she will disappear when process of healing ends. In 7-10 days, as a rule, the rehabilitation period already passes: the redness disappears, skin does not burn any more, the crust entirely disappears. During all this time it is not necessary to scratch part of the body where the tattoo has been made even if the itch will become strong. To weaken unpleasant feelings, use the calming soft cream.

As a rule, healing of tattoo lasts from 1 to 2 weeks, however the period of rehabilitation can be shorter or longer depending on circumstances. If correction of the drawing is required, be ready that the term of healing will double approximately.

As it is correct to look after tattoo

After implementation of the procedure, skin under the drawing and around it reddens, there are unpleasant feelings. To facilitate healing process, it is recommended to carry some time on the injured part of the body bandage, and removing it, to carefully wash skin with cold water. It is impossible to use bast and towel in the first 4-5 days after drawing the drawing.

It is important that bandage for tattoo and also the clothes which you wear have been made of natural fabrics. When using synthetics the risk of emergence of allergic reaction is high.

To accelerate rehabilitation process, it is recommended to wipe twice a day carefully minimum skin with tattoo the cotton wool moistened in spirit infusion of calendula and then to rinse cool water and to grease with children's cream. In the first 10 days after drawing tattoo it is strictly forbidden to visit sunbed, to subject the damaged site of skin to influence of sunshine, to go to bath, to swim in the public pools, the rivers, the seas and also to play sports

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