As there is sweet and to grow thin

As there is sweet and to grow thin

How to lose weight or keep figure, without refusing to itself sweet, is one of the main issues for those who watch the appearance. That consumption of goodies has not led to set of excess weight, it is necessary to follow some rules.


  1. Use sweet only in the morning, during breakfast. It will help to load brains, and calories which you receive will be spent during the day.
  2. Do not eat sweet before going to bed. Try not to use it in the second half of day at all. And categorically exclude from diet later, than in 4 hours prior to dream.
  3. Include only natural products in sweet diet: fresh berries and fruit, honey, dried fruits. Besides, consumption of fruit jelly, zephyr, fruit candy and caramel with fruit or berry stuffing is allowed.
  4. Do not use fat sweets: cakes, cakes, ice cream.
  5. Never use sweet in combination with food which contains fats. For example, it is impossible to wash down second courses with sweet compote. Between the main meal and the use of sweet dishes and drinks there have to pass not less than 2 hours.
  6. Forget about such developed stereotype that tea needs to be had surely with something tasty. You want to have tea – drink, but only without sweet.
  7. Try to observe measure in consumption of sweet. Do not eat too much. You can, is anything, but only in small quantities. Only in this case you will not do harm to the figure.
  8. Limit yourself in consumption of sweet drinks. Learn to have tea or coffee with the minimum addition of granulated sugar or in general without it. Absolutely refuse sweet carbonated drinks, they contain large number of synthetic sugars which I contribute to the development of obesity.
  9. Do not use various sweeteners and sweeteners. They are hazardous to health and do not lose probability set of excess weight.
  10. Move more. After consumption of sweet be engaged in physical activities. Carbohydrates which contain in sweet food need to be spent at once, then they will not have an adverse effect on your figure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team