As there is ultrasonic hair extension

As there is ultrasonic hair extension

Ultrasonic hair extension is kind of capsular technology. It is quite popular as the accurate autocontrol system for hardware power and time of the procedure allows to receive high-quality result for short time interval.

Description of building

Ultrasonic hair extension represents fastening of donor hair to the fixing keratinaceous capsule on natural hair then this capsule is processed ultrasound impulses developed by special nippers applicators. At contact with keratin, ultrasound turns into thermal energy and strongly seals the capsule which at the same time for a long time keeps the esthetic appearance.

The ultrasonic procedure of hair extension means work only with natural donor hair.

The average time which is required for this procedure is from 2 to 4 hours for attachment of 100-120 capsules. The hair increased by ultrasound maintain from 5 to 7 months of carrying and look most naturally at the expense of very thin and almost invisible capsules. The main lack of ultrasonic building is quite difficult correction as keratinaceous capsules after it collapse, and the repeated soldering of new capsules which is carried out already manually does not yield qualitative result. Therefore this procedure is recommended to use in case donor hair do not rush very long.


Its safety as do not influence hair in the harmful thermal way, first of all, belongs to advantages of ultrasonic building. In the course of the procedure the natural hair do not overheat that, respectively, saves them from stratification of scales and acquisition of dimness. Besides, the locks increased by ultrasound are not combed out even at intensive combing, and building takes place rather quickly. At the same time its cost is quite high, and keratinaceous capsules demand leaving by means of cosmetics which does not contain oils. The high cost of the procedure is caused use of expensive equipment and the subsequent correction. The hair increased by ultrasound can be twisted quietly the curling iron and the hair dryer and also to paint. The only condition of long maintaining initial result – restriction of hit for the keratinaceous capsule of balms and masks which can soften it. It is also very important to choose beauty shop with good reputation and the skilled master able to interact professionally with the ultrasonic equipment and keratinaceous capsules.

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