As thread to pull out eyebrows

As thread to pull out eyebrows

The procedure of removal of hair from face - very disease process for girls, especially for those who have gentle skin. If to pull out eyebrows thread, damages and pain will be minimum. Removal of eyebrows threads is very ancient way of disposal of hair. It is used in the south of Asia and also on the Middle East, and train in it girls from early age.

1. Practise excess hair on some imperceptible place of your body at a distance.

2. Make small freezing of eyebrows for decrease in pain threshold. For this purpose, before beginning the procedure of plucking out, apply to them for several seconds ice. Take cold longer on that place where there are excess hairs, and then wipe it with napkin, powder with talc. Afterwards hairs will not stick to skin, and you will be able easily to take them thread.

3. Use in a different way if you are disturbed by morbidity of process. Just before the beginning of the procedure of removal of hair, soften roots and skin of hair. For this purpose grease them with nutritious cream, and then apply cotton tampon which moisten previously in warm water to the problem place. With the same purpose it is possible to use also grass infusion, for example, of calendula or sage. Take tampon several minutes, let's skin dry, and then start the procedure.

4. Prepare thread about 60 cm long. It is possible to pick up thick cotton or silk, but high quality, equal. Connect the ends of this thread – the ring will turn out. Put on it index and big fingers of both hands. Then fingers of one hand several times overwind thread. At you two rings which are reported among themselves by means of plait will turn out already. If you move apart average and thumb of one hand, there will be reduction of the second ring which is on the second hand as the flagellum twists in that party.

5. Bring closer thread to hairs on skin and move fingers, moving apart serially fingers the right, left hand. Hairs will get to the twisting flagellum and to be pulled out. You will quickly reach the necessary skill, and process of removal of excess volosik will not take you a lot of time.

6. Use tonic or any other antiseptic known to you after you finish plucking out process. Thus, you remove irritation and you will secure yourself against hit in the developed infection microwounds. Also keep in mind that skin can redden, but for a while.

7. It is necessary to repeat this operation approximately once a month when there are new hair. But each time you will do all this more rare since growth will slow down, and they will become weaker and thin.

8. Be not fond. Plucking out of eyebrows – process fascinating, it is possible and not to notice how remove more hairs, than it is necessary. For second come off mirror. Now look again. Repeat these actions during the procedure several times. Direct eyebrows look not really attractively, but also eyebrows thread which have stiffened in enduring surprise, are also unattractive (it is result of excessive plucking out of hair in the center). Especially attentively process the right eyebrow if you the lefthander and vice versa – left if the right-handed person. Do not depilate, the nose bridges which are below.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team