As tired face to put in order in 1 minute

As tired face to put in order in 1 minute

Parties, sleep debt, work in the "day through two" mode – all this leads both women, and men to deterioration in appearance. And what if it is necessary to be in shape next morning? To sleep still? There is no time. To order special cream? So such have not thought up yet. There is the best way.

Ambulance for face skin

Despite availability of the huge range of creams, oils, masks and injections, as the best way plain folk remedy with use of ice is recognized.

Removal of fatigue from the person in 1 minute

Clean face from make-up.

Pour in capacity for washing cold water. Throw 10-20 cubes of ice there. Water has to turn out almost ice.Now carefully lower the person in water for several seconds with breath delay how many sustain. It is not necessary to rape himself how many you will be able, it is so much and hold on.

Then apply towel to the person. Do not rub it, do not wipe. Let the towel will softly absorb water.

Once again lower the person in capacity.

And still few times.

Now the face can be wiped.

What to do if you cannot hold the breath?

Perhaps, it is the psychological problem proceeding from fear of water, and, maybe, you have not departed from the drunk alcohol last night yet.

In this case take so many cubes of ice how many will be located in palms. Lay hands and ice to the person. Attention! Apply ice for 2 seconds and at once remove. Otherwise it will stick to skin. Take break. Now once again. Put ice thus time 20. Have put, have removed, have put, have removed.

This procedure will improve blood circulation, will raise skin tone, will tighten face form, will remove redness and will give more energy to all body.

For what in general ice in this procedure is necessary?

Ice is good cold stress for skin. It is instantly cooled and at the same time internal vessels extend, and external are narrowed. Exchange processes are started, wrinkles are smoothed, skin is updated. Ice can be done of broths of herbs, juice of vegetables and fruit.

By the way, it is possible to add to water the cucumbers or apples cut by circles, and way to use also for zone of neck and decollete. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team