As to become the brunette the brown-haired woman

As to become the brunette the brown-haired woman

Black hair most often rather dense on the structure. They contain a lot of pigment therefore to recolour them in lighter color rather difficult. Sometimes for this purpose not one procedure is required.

From the brunette in the brown-haired woman - everything depends on structure of hair

The structure of dark hair is different. Girls with east appearance have it more dense. Curls are very dense, hair thick and rigid. The European type of hair thinner, even dark they are not such rigid. Therefore it is simpler to recolour them in lighter color.

If black hair very dense and long, two boxes of paint can be necessary for coloring.

To clarify dense thick hair of east type, the additional procedure of decolorization most often is required. The special structure is applied on curls as well as paint. Several minutes keep and it is washed away. It helps to destroy dark pigment, hair become hollow, they can be painted in lighter color. After the procedure of decolorization has to pass about a week, after that curls can be painted. During these days it is necessary to use hair balm to feed them, not to allow dehydration.

The procedure of coloring - how not to spoil hair

Dark hair cannot be made fair for once. The maximum allowed clarification - on two-three tones. That is the brunette after the first coloring can become quite dark brown-haired woman. To receive lighter color, toning should be repeated in several days. If the procedure of decolorization has been carried out previously, curls can be made is lighter also on four tones. But it is maximum that is possible for once.

Shades of the brown-haired person are different. It is worth remembering that the colors which are brought closer to mahogany contain a lot of red color. It is rather difficult to bring him if there is desire to replace shade of curls.

Coloring of hair is made on certain technology. If they were already tinted in lighter color, then at first the structure is applied on roots, and in fifteen-twenty minutes the remains are distributed on all length of hair. It becomes not to injure even more already clarified hair, not to overdry them the painting structure. At primary coloring the structure is caused on all length, and is left for thirty-forty minutes. To understand whether desirable color has turned out, it is possible to erase paint from one lock taken from parietal or temporal zones. If curls were painted insufficiently, they need to be covered with the painting structure again, having mixed with other hair. After each coloring it is necessary to apply the restoring balm on hair. It contains nutrients which will help to restore structure of locks.

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