As to do the guy hair with wet effect

As to do the guy hair with wet effect

Hairstyles with wet effect are incredibly popular among guys today. They perfectly are suitable for short hair and create very stylish and fashionable image which women can appreciate.

Forming of wet effect

For creation of stylish wet laying wash up and comb hair then apply on them gel or mousse for effect of wet hair. Hair at the same time have to be damp. When drawing styling pay special attention to tips of hair and try not to go too far in quantity of the used means not to weight hairstyle. Create locks by means of fingers, and then let's hairstyle dry independently.

It is possible to accelerate process of drying of hair by means of the hair dryer, serially combing locks fingers under stream of hot air up.

For creation of hairstyle with wet effect on short hair the stylists recommend to use the corresponding hair gels, and similar sprays will be ideal for long curls. To do wet hair without special cosmetics it will not turn out therefore it is necessary to choose the correct professional styling.

Good means with wet effect

For forming of men's hairstyle hair gels of weak or average fixing as strong fixing will not provide the necessary effect are considered as the most popular means and will make hair unnatural. For high-quality fixing of tips most often use wax which correctly fixes them and gives to the guy's hairstyle the finished look. That it looked even more volume, it is possible to make highlighting of separate locks in salon.

For creation of men's hairstyle with wet effect it is the best of all to choose gel with additive of staylingovy wax.

From well proved means for wet hairstyle it is necessary to pay attention to products of such known manufacturing firms as L’Oréal, Londa and Schwarzkopf. Owners of fine hair of average length can quietly give preference to sprays and the L'Oréal, Schwarzkopf, Moltobene and Wella varnishes. Excellent curly hair mousses make the Vitarus, Syoss and Wella companies. If you want to lay separate locks in the stylish laying, take such form of laying means as teksturayzer. These products cost quite much, however at its use hair it is not necessary to dry phenom, being limited only to laying by fingers. Teksturayzer who release such producers of professional cosmetics - MatrixAmplify, KEUNE and GOLDWELL are considered as the most qualitative.

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