As to guys to shave armpits

As to guys to shave armpits

Earlier young people did not delete vegetation from axillary hollows, but now depilation is considered norm. After sbrivaniye of hair on t-shirt there are less spots from sweat as skin breathes better. It is not difficult to carry out the procedure in house conditions even if you have no certain skills.

It is required to you

  • - machine;
  • - shaving foam;
  • - aftershave lotion.


1. Take hot shower or bath, carefully wash out axillary hollows with soap. Apply a little srub to skin – it will help to remove devitalized epithelial layer that will prevent growing of hair.

2. Put skin for shaving or gel. Wait several minutes that skin was softened and disinfected. Smooth movements depilate on the directions of their growth. Of course, shaving against growth helps not only to get rid quicker of undesirable vegetation, but also to achieve the best results. But after it reddening and burning can appear.

3. Carefully wash away foam from skin. Look if not pro-shaven sites remained places, depilate the machine, previously having put fresh portion of gel.

4. In conclusion moisturize the skin aftershave lotion. If in the first days there was reddening, use cream with salicylic acid or zinc. At strong inflammation, calendula tincture will help – wipe with it skin several times a day. Until everything passes, do not use deodorant.

5. If every time after removal of hair the machine you have unpleasant feelings, try it to do by hair removal cream. Apply it to previously cleaned skin, wait 5-7 minutes and remove with special shovel or sponge. You carry out the procedure as required. Try to note the exact time that skin burns have not developed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team