As to men quickly to grow hair

As to men quickly to grow hair

Unfortunately, the instant way to grow up long hairstyle does not exist, except, perhaps, hair extension in clinic and beauty shops. The fact is that the ability to growth is defined genetically and to deceive the nature it will not turn out. But it is possible to remove the causes which slow down natural processes that will help you to become the owner of beautiful hairstyle quicker.


  1. Begin to accept vitamins. It to improve not only appearance of hair, but also will increase durability of their structure and speed of the chemical processes which are taking place in bulbs which are responsible for intensity of growth. You can choose as the general vitamin complex for all organism, and medicines which I influence hair.
  2. Do not forget also about external hair care. Wash the head right after the first signs of pollution and do not neglect the additional help in type of conditioners and masks.
  3. Daily mass head skin - it will strengthen blood circulation that considerably will stimulate growth of hair. In addition use special massage mixes which is presented on shelves of shops much, or rub olive oil which contains set of vitamins in the structure in skin.
  4. Soften for yourself process of cultivation of hair. Be ready that at the first stages your hairstyle will become the ugly form which has lost any outlines. The elastic band, bandana or baseball cap will help to avoid quizzical glances.
  5. And here you should not use means for laying as they hammer time on skin that prevents follicles to breathe, and it will lead to the next delay of growth of hair.
  6. Try to change the way of life to the best. Begin to eat properly, material is necessary for the healthy growth of hair: iodine, iron, calcium, beta carotene. Refuse addictions, such as smoking and alcohol, and whenever possible avoid emergence of stressful situations and have more a rest.
  7. Your hair as, actually, and all appearance, reflect the general condition of your organism therefore attentively you watch over the health. Excessive loss and the slowed-down growth of hair have to guard you and pay attention to vitamin and mineral balance of organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team