As to men to depilate

As to men to depilate

Many men today as well as women, carefully watch the body, eliminate undesirable hair. Sometimes the occupation of the man obliges to contain body without visible hair. Experts recommend to men certain options of removal of hair on body.


1. Address to salon for carrying out laser epilation. In beauty shop it is possible to depilate for a long time from undesirable places body – shoulders, breast, area of groin, stomach, back. 6-8 sessions on half an hour everyone will be necessary. It is necessary to repeat the procedure in process of growth of new hair (usually 1-2 times a year) until they disappear absolutely.

2. By means of electrolysis it is possible to get rid of body hair forever. Carry out such procedure also in beauty shops. The small number of hair thus can be removed for several sessions. But if removal from the bigger area of body is required, it is necessary to do weekly procedures for a long time, up to year.

3. Removal of undesirable hair from body perhaps hot wax or wax strips. Carry out epilation by soy wax which sticks to hairs, but not to body, unlike the fact that it is based on honey or beeswax. The morbidity at the procedure will practically not be. If to make epilation wax in beauty shop, the probability of correctly carried out manipulations with strips is high. The way is suitable for removal of hair from any parts of body, except inguinal as here painful feelings because of sensitivity of skin are much higher.

4. It is possible to eliminate hairs in the old checked way by means of the sharp razor. The fast procedure, effective, but is number of shortcomings: quickly grow new hair, perhaps local irritation of skin, its reddening, in groin it is necessary to process body very carefully to avoid cuts.

5. Use depilatory hair removing cream from body. Cream is applied when you take shower, on the problem place the thin layer also maintains 5-10 minutes. Then special scraper cream is removed from skin together with hairs. Result at such procedure good, new hair long do not grow. But before applying cream, check whether he causes allergic reaction on skin. For this purpose apply its small amount on internal part of hand, wait five minutes. If there was no redness, burnings, pains, blisters, it is possible to use cream safely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team