As to the girl to look good

As to the girl to look good

- concept very subjective while determination of well-groomed appearance has accurate canons and stereotypes. That to the girl to look good, no confidential knowledge is necessary. The way to excellent appearance demands regularity, moderation and it is a little imagination.

It is required to you

  • - visit to the stomatologist;
  • - visit to the cosmetologist;
  • - fitness classes;
  • - ukhodovy cosmetics;
  • - healthy food.


  1. Estimate own appearance and allocate the main shortcomings which demand immediate elimination. Remember that even luxury things and the most expensive jewelry do not play any role if you have spoiled hair, yellow teeth or pimples on the face. Health of skin, hair and teeth - basis of good appearance. If you are close to the ideal on these points, be sure: half of business is already made. Beautiful manicure and pedicure, successful hairstyle, the correct make-up - these and other aspects of beauty are also important, but nevertheless are secondary as they can be reached everything for one visit of salon.
  2. Create the system of regular personal care. It joins daily procedures which have to become your obligatory routine, irrespective of circumstances. Among them - personal hygiene, clarification and moistening of skin, the supporting tooth, nails, hair care. Other procedures - from coloring of hair to epilation - can be carried out as required, but is not less regular. That to the girl to look good, regular and competent leaving, than invested funds is much more important.
  3. Be engaged in own figure. If you have excess weight, cellulitis and sluggish muscles, unfortunately, it will be very difficult to look good. Quite perhaps, you often hear statement from the category Fall in Love with Yourself Such What You Are. Forget about it! First, if you already stated at yourself number of problems, it will be extremely difficult to fall in love with himself with them: enormous work on itself is for this purpose necessary. Secondly, similar installation excellently justifies laziness and ignorance of relative own body and physical state in general. Work on figure, combining the correct physical activity and healthy food, and gradually you will notice how your appearance changes, and together with it and state of mind.
  4. If the girl has well-cared appearance and the tightened figure, on her any clothes will well look, and in decorative cosmetics there will be no special need. But nevertheless, to look for all 100%, think also of own style. Choose things in which you will feel relaxedly and organically. Look for details and nuances which are inherent only in you. Watch images of persons, relatives to you both on appearance, and on spirit. Analyze their style, be inspired and try on on yourself the most interesting images.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team