As to the spit to braid tape

As to the spit to braid tape

The braid with twisted tape is opportunity to emphasize identity, having created own unique image. It is enough to include a little imagination also it is possible to think up independently absolutely new hairstyle, ways to braid braid exists quite a lot, and each of them can be improved, having arranged under itself.

It is required to you

  • - ribbons;
  • - scrunchies;
  • - hairpins or decorative clips;
  • - crochet hook.


  1. Vpleteny tapes to the French spit braided from below vverkhdanny hairstyle is suitable for hair of average are long. Tell the girl whom you will braid braid, to incline the head forward. Comb hair down and on nape at the line of growth divide them into three thin locks. Attach tape to one of locks and begin to braid the French braid. At the top the taken locks have to have the maximum volume. Braid the remained hair usual braid and fix by elastic band. Ask model to raise the head and to hold it directly. Lift braid vertically and, beginning to move from tip, accurately lay it rings or in bunch. Fix hairstyle by means of hairpins or beautiful clips.
  2. Vpleteny tapes to the French spit braided on diagonalizacheshita hair back and on temple allocate small lock, without having forgotten to divide it into three equal parts. Add color tape to one of parts and braid the French braid, beginning from temple and moving to ear lobe on the opposite side. Having reached ear, accurately fix braid by invisible beings or hairpins. Continue to do plait on all length of hair down, but already move in the opposite direction. Record tip of braid elastic band. This hairstyle is carried out on long hair.
  3. Braid with lentoyrascheshita hair also make of two locks on nape horse tail. Divide it into two equal parts. Overwind each of locks clockwise, and then accurately wind with ribbon. Include the imagination; you can wind with tape one lock or two at once, and can wind locks with absolutely different ribbons, having picked up the most successful combination of flowers. Bind locks among themselves plait and accurately fix by elastic band. If desired the received plait can be laid rings around the basis of tail and to fix by hairpins, thereby having created original bunch.
  4. There is way of vpleteniye of tape in already ready hairstyle. This method demands special accuracy and patience. The tape is accurately pushed in the braided braid by means of crochet hook and needle with big ear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team