As to the woman to look several flyings younger

As to the woman to look several flyings younger

Aging is natural scheme of life as for men, and women, but it does not mean that all want to grow old. If you worry about loss of youth, then you are not lonely. There are many receptions to look younger.

1. To choose soft face cleaner.

Skin with age changes does not need too alkaline means, as at teenagers as there is no surplus of skin fat. If your detergent too alkaline, it bares your skin from natural fats and therefore drying of skin will force it to grow old quicker.  

2. Moistening after clarification.

It is important to give to your skin moistening, dry skin grows old quicker. It is necessary to find the anti-aging moistening means with the high content of active ingredients. If you doubt purchase as means hundreds in the market, try to look at responses or try to find the clinical description of product. Make sure that you have chosen means for deep moisturizing, unlike what you, perhaps, used in young years.  

3. Use protection against the sun daily.

There is set of the moistening means which already contain protection of SPF, and it is very important to protect skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays daily, to avoid solar burns. The sun is one of the main factors that causes presenilation therefore dermatologists recommend to use, at least SPF 15 daily to avoid wrinkles, pigmental spots and dim complexion. And also sunblock cream will protect you from skin cancer.

4. Peeling.

The peeling promotes renewal of cells of skin, thus, skin looks younger. Choose product for the  age category as they more gentle and injury of skin is less probable.  

5. Depilate face.

At women the face hair sometimes appear after menopause because of change of level of hormones. To get rid of it and to hide the age, there are several easy ways, including laser removal, depilation by wax, hair removal cream.

6. To carry make-up.

The make-up forces you to look younger. There are dozens of receptions which can help women to make their age less. Focus is in hiding these age changes, emphasizing your best lines, such as eyes. There are some tricks:

- Use easy translucent tone means, without gloss. It will allow to level skin color.

- To place drop of blush on cheekbones and shade, but do not use blush in hollows of cheeks. Do not use too much blush and active colors.

- Begin to use instead of black pencil for eyes brown or gray. The brown (gray) pencil will allow to create softer eyeliner.

- Show the eyelashes. When you become more senior, your eyelashes become naturally thinner. To allocate eyelashes, use the mascara giving volume.

- Use lipstick for lips of pleasant natural shades. The soft shade of lipstick can be excellent addition to your image.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team