As well as for what use sea sponges

As well as for what use sea sponges

mankind has learned about existence of sea sponges in ancient times. Since then people actively apply them in the life. Now sea sponges are very relevant and are in demand.

What is sea sponges

Sea sponges are living primitive organisms. They live in the seas, having not movably attached to bottom or reefs. Sea sponges happen different form, their body has the porous building.

Sponges eat small organisms, and breed most often budding though also sexual reproduction is not excluded (in the majority the sponges are hermaphrodites).

They carry out all the life without active movements, having strongly attached to seabed. Sponges can be small, only several centimeters, and can expand in the form of unusual sea trees, reaching about one meter in height. Sea sponges live colonies and are filtrates. Thanks to the porous structure of body they pump over through themselves water and absorb microorganisms. During a day of sponge can pump over water volumes in several thousands times more of the own size. Life expectancy of sea sponges depends on their version. In total there are about 5000 types of these primitive organisms.

Application of sea sponges

Sea sponges have found the broadest application in cosmetology. With their help it is easy to delete make-up, they softly purify skin, without injuring it. Still sponges are very convenient for drawing and removal of natural cosmetic masks. It is good to use natural sponges for massage as they tones up facial muscles. Besides, they do not cause allergy and possess antibacterial action. Besides cosmetic procedures the sea sponges are used in the hygienic purposes in quality of bast for washing of body. Natural sea sponges will be suitable also for bathing of kids. They are so soft that do not injure gentle infantile skin. After use the natural sponge needs to be washed out with soap and to allow it to dry. It is impossible to dry sea sponges on the battery and under direct sunshine. Also sponges use in jewelry and optical production, in the printing industry as material for grinding of surfaces and the filter for oils. The substance found in organism of sea sponges psammaplin is used in the researches directed to fight against various diseases including malaria and cancer. Dermatologists recommend to use qualitative sea sponge from six months to one year, then it is necessary to replace it new. Annually extract tens of thousands of tons of sponges, there are also artificial sea plantations for cultivation of sponges.

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