As well as in what lotion differs from face toner

As well as in what lotion differs from face toner

Lotion and tonic – cosmetic essences between which it is impossible to put equal-sign. And all because they have different appointment. Both options are ideal for daily face skin care. The main thing is to observe sequence of their use.

At first sight the difference between lotion and tonic is not obvious. However, these cosmetics have differences from each other both on structure, and on scope. 

Lotion is the solution intended for hygienic procedures, made on water, spirit or acid basis. It is used as cleaning and resolvent.

In turn, tonic is the liquid designed for toning and moistening of skin. Its appointment is to finish leaving and, if necessary, to prepare skin for digestion of nutrients from cream or serum.

Both means are applied on area of the face, neck and decollete by means of cotton pad, special napkin or piece of gauze. 

Composition of lotion and tonic – in what difference

Cosmetic lotion, besides basic essence (spirit, acid or water), surely includes various active components in the structure. It can be:

  • essential oils;
  • extracts and broths of herbs;
  • natural antiseptic agents.

Thanks to such contents , lotion perfectly deletes the died-off cages, pollution and excess fat from skin, cleans the hammered pores, helps against acne, rashes, pigmental spots.

Cosmetic tonic, on the contrary, possesses more delicate action. It does not contain alcohol (or contains, but no more than 5% of all volume) and other surfactants. Its force – in softness.

As a part of tonic prevail:

  • vitamins, peptides;
  • salicylic acid;
  • the moisturizing ingredients, for example, glycerin.

Tonic first of all – the soothing and refreshing means for skin allowing to restore the pH level, to narrow pores, to level complexion. 

Together – lotion and tonic – the cosmetic medicines complementing each other, the tandem providing effective result in daily face care.

As it is correct to use lotion and tonic

Face lotions can act both as primary and as secondary means of clarification of skin.

In the first case the waterless washing is possible only at absence on face of decorative cosmetics (foundation, powder, blush) and plentiful pollution. 

In the second case (in the presence of make-up, the increased fat content) skin is purified at first with special means (milk, gel, skin) but only then apply lotion for more careful washing of time, disinfecting, dehumidification of heat-spots, decrease of the activity of sebaceous glands.  

Acid lotions are designed for processing of skin of the fat, combined and problem type, and made water-based – for hygiene of normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Important: spirit lotions are not suitable for daily leaving. They can use only in urgent cases, applying on problem sites of skin pointwise. 

Face toners are always applied upon termination of the cleaning procedures as they, in principle, are not allocated with the washing-out properties. 

Tonics are also selected taking into account condition of skin.

The means containing broth of bark of oak or extract of calendula, essential oil of mint or lemon are ideal for the fat and combined type. Liquid emulsions with hyaluronic acid, panthenol, urea are shown to dry and sensitive skin. Normal – with aloe juice belief, cranberry extract, fruit acids.

The main functions of any tonic – to nourish skin with moisture, to normalize functioning of its cages, to normalize acid-base balance of epidermis.Important: it is not recommended to buy means two in one – ""toning lotion"". Both forms of cosmetic products need to be taken and applied separately – by analogy with shampoo and hair conditioner, toothpaste and conditioner for mouth.

Lotion cannot replace completely tonic, and tonic – lotion as they have, in essence, different tasks, but the common goal is to keep beauty and health of skin!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team