As well as with what to delete fatty tumors on skin

As well as with what to delete fatty tumors on skin

The fatty tumor, or lipoma, represents soft consolidation which can be formed on those parts of the body where there is skin fat. It is cosmetic problem against which it is possible to fight by national methods. It is possible to remove fatty tumors in house conditions or surgical way.

Usually the lipoma arises owing to consolidation of fatty tissues. Such consolidation can happen because of blockage of sebaceous glands. Excessive pollution of organism slags can also provoke emergence of fatty tumors.

Emergence of fatty tumors is obvious symptom of the wrong metabolism.

These unpleasant new growths similar on eels of white color can resolve if to use special folk remedies. Take fresh leaf of gold mustache and properly crush it. Put the turned-out mix on fatty tumor and cover with food wrap. The similar compress needs to be done every evening.

After hot bathtub it is recommended to apply on fatty tumors mix from sour cream, honey and salt. In 20 minutes it should be washed away warm water. By the way, this very effective remedy. If you have 100 g of lard, kindle it and mix from 4 tsps of the crushed garlic. Carefully rub fatty tumors with the turned-out mix. It is desirable to carry out similar procedures few times in day before elimination of defects.

For surgical removal of fatty tumor it is necessary to see doctor. At first it will be required to undergo inspection. The expert will define the nature of emergence of lipoma after its puncture and liquidates this shortcoming. After operation on the place of fatty tumor new can be formed. It means that the doctor has from the first removed not all fat cages. Usually duration of operation does not exceed 2 hours. Fatty tumors of the small size delete under local anesthesia, and large – under the general. Doctors do not recommend to delay surgical intervention in certain cases. Especially it is worth hurrying if the fatty tumor has appeared under eye and began grow very quickly. Some people face emergence problem on face of large number of small lipomas. They are not recommended to be squeezed out at all. To actually make it and it will not turn out. But there is procedure of removal of fatty tumors in house conditions. For a start properly wash and disinfect hands. It is desirable to put on medical gloves not to bring some infection. Prepare needle and tweezers. Properly process leather around fatty tumor levomitsetinovy alcohol. Take small amount of lidocaine and grease with it the damaged place. In 15 minutes check skin for sensitivity. It is quite possible that it will be required to grease a little more skin around fatty tumor.

It is not recommended to delete fatty tumors at children before achievement of five-year age.

Slightly clamp skin a little below than lipoma tweezers. It needs to be made because the mobile fatty tumor can avoid touch of needle more deeply under skin. Hook it from below and tear skin thin needle in the direction from below up a little. After that blood will go and the fatty tumor will seem. If it has not occurred, be not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Try to do the same manipulations once again. Do not forget prizhech alcohol that place on which there was fatty tumor. If you have several fatty tumors, it is better to get rid of all of them at the same time.

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